Adventure Base Raiding – Heat 5: Hollow Earth, Hollow Hearts

Survival is under way. Can our teams hold out in this dangerous ancient jungle? What monsters await them there? What treasures are hidden within?

Part 2 of adventure 5 in our Base Raiders campaign. This is a 4 part Adventure. You can find part 1 here. If you want to read the primer for the campaign, here’s a link to that. You can find out more about Base Raiders here.

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Famous(ish) people I’d like to role play with

It’s about 10pm here is the land of Oz, and yet it feels like 3am because my brothers children woke me an hour early.

So I thought I’d make a list of famous people, of varying levels of fame, who I’d like to play a role playing game with. These are in no specific order, and some of these people will no doubt have never played an RPG, but here we go.

  • Ross Payton of RPPR. Technically he ran a game I played in, but still; i want to do it again.
  • Caleb Stokes of RPPR, I love all the guys and gals at RPPR but Caleb is the GM I wish I was. sadly I would need to change too much about who I am to get into doing that much planning.
  • Matt Easton of schola gladiatoria. I just find him an interesting bloke, and I think he’d be down for it.
  • Hank Green of vlogbrothers, Sci-show, and much more. I’m a long time nerd fighter and I’ve always enjoyed Hank’s videos more than John’s (though I love John’s as well). Add to the fact he’s about to be on RPG show with Wil Wheaton.
  • Vin Diesel. Probably one of the most famous DnD players around, I have no idea if that is a thing he is still into but man…if he is.
  • Adam Savage of mythbusters acclaim. He is a really creative personality, and I feel like if you could get him to embrace the hobby he could have a lot of fun with it.
  • Will and Norm of Tested.com. They have never played an TRPG, which seems odd considering their job as professional (and I kind of hate this word) nerds.
  • (This one is someone very few people would consider famous, but he is more well known than any of my other friends) Craig Page. He wrote a kind of well known paper on Jedi lightsaber forms, he also works for the dresden files larp.
  • Joerg of The Slingshot Channel. He’s a bit of a mad genius and I feel like he would be a lot of fun.
  • Mike Rugnetta of PBS idea channel. Oh man, I could fucking die happy. When I learnt Mike played Shadow Run, it made me rethink my decision not to get into shadow run. Kim and I both LOVE idea channel.
  • This isn’t really a famous person, but one of the minds behind Eclipse Phase. I have never been so enthralled by an RPG setting before, I’d love to see how they run it.
  • Michael Shean, Who is an author I have never read but have become friends with on tumblr… I should really read one of his books.

I don’t know, just some thoughts I had. I might add more to the list as I think of more. For now that will do.
Why don’t you leave in the comments your own list of famous and semi famous people you’d like to game with?

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

Quick update.

You guys should be seeing our new episode up in a couple of hours, I think you are going to like it, it’s our first Pendragon game!

What this post is for though, is to let you all know that we have a Twitter now!
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In other news:
the writing challenge for April starts this Wednesday (there will be a post).
we are making plans for our next road trip, this time we are going to be doing a lot more camping.
and finally, we will be making a bunch of recordings for International Table Top Day (April 11th).
So we’ll have a special game up that night, with a few more released down the track.

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NEWS TIME: Expanding our managment team AND new content coming soon.

First thing’s first: our new assistant editor and marketing advisor; Kim. since we launched in November 2014 most of the work at [insert quest here] has been done by Raymond. Lots of people helped create content by playing in games but Raymond was the one that ran the site. Over the months Kim (a regular player and close friend of Raymond’s) has become more involved. Kim has been key to keeping Raymond motivated, as well as expanding the sites reach, he even ran a campaign for us; Arcanum Quest. Recently, Raymond had to go away for a week and Kim bravely stepped up to help keep the site running. At the moment, Kim’s duties mostly extend to proof reading and spell checking Raymond’s writing, making Facebook posts promoting the site, and helping Raymond come up with new content. In the future Kim’s role will expand but for now he has enough on his plate.

New content: we’ve got a lot of ideas for role playing games we’d like to feature. But, we’re also looking to expand! Many of the ideas we have still require more planning, but one thing we are ready to launch is a monthly writing challenge.

The monthly writing challenge is designed to get YOUR creative ideas out there and onto the [IQH] site.
How it works is every month we’ll post an image to serve as inspiration for a creative writing project. Anyone can take part and you’ll have until the 28th of that month to submit your article. Think of it as a short story based on the stimulus image.
We’ll post something of our own based on the image, but really we’re more interested in seeing what you have to offer. Who knows where it might lead?
One month’s writing project could turn into the idea/setting for an entire campaign, or start people along the path to becoming the world’s next best-selling author.
The fundamental idea behind the monthly writing challenge is to get inspired; whether that’s inspiring yourself or someone else, all inspiration should be cherished and nurtured.

In the mean time, we at [IQH] hope you continue to enjoy and, if you’re keen, share out content.
Until then, Happy Gaming!

Crusading Couch: news for February 2015

We’ll be recording a new episode of The Crusading Couch this weekend, the topic is organisation.
Both the planning of scenarios and adventures (working out your story), as well as planning for games (working out where you’ll be playing, snacks, transport).

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It could be anything! It could be a mecha combat RPG set during the Vietnam war, featuring imagery reminiscent of the great Greek tragedies.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

Crusading Couch news…kinda

Thought I’d see what you’re all interested in, is there something you’d like to see us talk about on The Crusading Couch in the future?
We’re currently looking at diversifying our panel, but I’m more interested in new topics to explore. Something I’d like to do is a GM advice episode…but I’m not sure on how to structure that yet.

We’ve also been looking at doing interviews with game developers (though that is a little beyond as at the moment). I’ve also been thinking about doing a live streamed game, though that is still just an idea.

ALSO: a reminder that when we hit 100 subscribers on WordPress or Sound Cloud, or 100 likes on Facebook; we are going to do a listeners choice actual play.
You, the Listeners, will be able to send us in suggestions for setting, rules systems, themes, what ever. We’ll pick the ones we like most and then have you all vote on which one we’ll play.

Finally, at the moment we are quite small in terms of listeners, but I’d really like to grow our audience. A key part of our strategy for doing that is you, the people reading this. Every time you link to our page, mention us in conversation, or reblog us; you are potentially increasing our reach. If one new person finds us by clicking your link, that is worth it to us. so please share our content.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

News and promotion.

The next episode of The Crusading Couch is going to deal with letting go of characters and campaigns. We’ll be looking at ways of coping with character death, the right moment to end a story (be it a characters, or a campaigns), and a bunch of alternative ways of approaching these topics.

If there is anything you think we should talk about in this topic, please leave us a comment or drop us an email. Hell, if there is anything you’d like to share with us; please drop us a line. You can find our contact info on our about page.

We are just getting started here at [IQH] and we’d love to keep on doing it for years to come. Part of what will make that possible is sharing links to our site, passing around our posts, and helping people find our content. WITH THAT IN MIND: when we get to 100 likes on our Facebook page (or 100 subscribers on WordPress, which ever comes first) Raymond will run a one shot game where you, the Listeners, choose the setting/theme. You want robot alien noir, set in a post World War II Germany; baby, we will make that happen. So PLEASE like, comment, and most importantly SHARE our post.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

technical difficulties.

i was meant to realse the first episode of our Arcanum Quest game today, which is an adaptation of the video game Arcanum: of steamworks and Magick Obscura. UNFORTUNATELY; there was a stuff up with the audio editing software. so i’m going to release it in a couple of weeks time.