3 Boys In A Barina: Go West!


Hey folks! It’s finally here!
We’re finally posting this years roadtrip. A magical journey of bonding, friendship, discovery, and petty arguments about swimming.

We’re going to be creating a virtual roadtrip with you guys by adding journal to the playlist every morning, and every evening for the next 8 days!
We’ll also be posting photos from the trip so be sure to check the gallery each day for new updated photos.
You can also see the photos on our Facebook.
If you want to listen to our first roadtrip, you can check it out here.

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Farewell from the past.

Three Boys In A Barina 2: Boys Go West!

It’s the return of a special event. Bigger, better, and broker.

Over the next 10 8 days the hosts of the Crusading Couch, and the fine managers of [insert quest here] will be venturing into the Australian outback.

Wilfred, Kim, and Raymond will be driving, walking, riding, and swimming their way to Broken Hill the outback. Along the way we’ll be trying to complete a scavenger hunt, an Easter egg hunt, a wombat hunt, and probably some other kind of hunt as well. We’ll be making daily posts to our facebook page, and to twitter; and you can follow our journey there.

Now this unfortunately means there will be no new podcast on Monday(the 29th of March.) However, when we return we’ll have daily travel logs, and a massive haul of photos to share with you all.

We hope you’re all as keen as we are.
Farewell from the past; Raymond, Wilfred, and Kim.

3 boys in a barina Xmas special! AND NEWS!

the barina boys went away last weekend to visit a friend. we made a little recording to celebrate the occasion.

sorry for the irregularity to posting lately. first i was sick, then i was away, then it was the horrible time of year where family invades your household. but we should be a little more regular after new years.

turnings big bang goes up on Mondays.
Kim’s arcanum quest games are going to start going up on Thursdays.
one shots will go up on weekends.

3 Boys In A Barina

so in August of 2014 Kim, Wilfred, and myself(Raymond) went on a road trip to Melbourne. we decided to document the journey by doing audio journals at the end of each day. it was my first time in Melbourne, we had an excellent time.

we will do more of these travel-log/travelcast/audio journals in the future. we already have plans for 3BIAB the second. anyway i’ll let you guys enjoy.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.