The 3 Wise Warriors of the Apocalypse

A child is born, in a distant settlement. The Brainers say they are destined to be a great and powerful Hard Holder. You’ve all decided to make the pilgrimage and pledge yourself to this new Warlord of the future.
Raymond ran a game of Apocalypse World over Xmas to help us get in the spirit…kinda.
It’s at least in part inspired by the 3 Magi.
Thanks to our Patrons for making this possible. Patrons like Yoddel, who got to play in this game as part of their rewards.

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The Crusading Couch Episode 14: What Is The Meaning Of Xmas?

This month Wilfred, Kim, and Raymond discuss their various Christmas experiences, histories, and feelings towards the season!
Discover why Kim doesn’t like Christmas carols, why Wilfred enjoys most aspects of the festive season, and hear Raymond’s thoughts on the capitalist bubble which Christmas has become.

CORRECTION from Raymond: I often get confused between J. Edgar Hoover (a famous head of the FBI) and Franklin D. Roosevelt. In this episode I think I might have fused them into one entity. FDR moved Thanksgiving in 1939.

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Farewell from the past.

3 boys in a barina Xmas special! AND NEWS!

the barina boys went away last weekend to visit a friend. we made a little recording to celebrate the occasion.

sorry for the irregularity to posting lately. first i was sick, then i was away, then it was the horrible time of year where family invades your household. but we should be a little more regular after new years.

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