If you’re looking for a place to start listening, but are unsure of what you want to listen to; we’ve made a variety playlist for you to sample. If you want to learn more about us, keep on reading.

[insert quest here] is an Australian based actual play podcast for table top role playing games, and other gaming related topics.
Our aim is to share interesting, engaging, and inclusive stories through the medium of RPGs. We have a particular interest in telling LGBTQIA+ stories, and we constantly work to lend our voice to other members of our community.
Occasionally we explore other topics and content formats; like Road Trips!

New podcasts are uploaded every Monday, between 8am-11am Sydney time.

Sometimes we show up on other podcasts; you can find a list of those Guest Appearances here.

Ray is the main brains behind this project. They manage this site, our email, and our soundcloud. You can recognise them in the comments by the name uselray, and on Twitter under the handle UselRay1500

Our awesome D10 logo was designed by Fiona Tsang, also known as Wai-Jing.
Thanks to Kamron Brooks for revamping our website design.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can find us in the comments sections on any of our sites. You can also email us.

email: insertquesthere@gmail.com
Facebook: insert quest here
G+ Community: [insert quest here]
SoundCloud: [insert quest here]
Twitter: [insert quest here]
YouTube: Ray Cox
Patreon: [insert quest here]
iTunes: [insert quest here]

There are also RSS feed for all our audio files which SoundCloud generates for us!
SoundCloud: [IQH] on SC


  1. i really enjoy your wild talents games and you really should look over the willpower rules they make the game a bit easier


    1. that’s something we’ll look at when we do season 2 later in 2015. we’ve actual finished season 1 it just goes up weekly so that i have time to record new content. we’re starting a better angels campaign tomorrow, which should start uploading in a few weeks.

      thanks for your comment, there should be a new episode of Turnings Big Bang later today.


  2. Just finished your Base Raiders campaign. Awesome. The best part…..I group up in Belfast, Maine.


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