Two Sided Quest

Two Sided Quest: A Duo Playtest

A Duo is a conversational LARP for 2 players created by Ray Cox.
In A Duo the location you play in will inform your setting. Allowing you to pick from a list of playsets.

Ellery and Ray recently playtested some of the scenarios.Audio quality is a bit all over the place but we learned a lot by playing.

Two Sided Quest: [Mars Colony]

This week we explore the difficulties of fixing someone else’s mistakes, difference of morality, family stress, and the complexity of building a new world.

This is Mars Colony, a two person RPG by Tim C Koppang.

This episode was recorded in a rather resonant space, but shouldn’t be a problem to listen to. We hope you enjoy listening to this Two Person RPG.


Two Sided Quest: A Single Moment

This is the first episode of a new project from Ellery and Ray.
In this ongoing series they will play Two Person Role Playing Games, and discuss what they learnt from playing them.

The first game they played was A Single Moment, a game that attempts to emulate samurai movies about rival warriors. (more…)