Finished Quests

Once we’ve finished uploading a campaign we’ll put it in here. We’ll stick to campaigns that actually resolved, rather than ones that collapsed.

Wild Talents: Turning’s Big Bang – season 1. This is our Wild Talents game in a homebrew setting. Set in the corporately funded city of Turning, NSW. A city built to foster scientific and technological advancement. A city that over night becomes full of super powered individuals. Liam, Sofi, and Bec are the players in this campaign with Raymond as the GM.

Arcanum Quest! A steampunk game run using new World of Darkness 1st edition. An adaptation of the computer game Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Kim is GM with Raymond, Wilfred, and Liam playing.

The Slayers Of Decadence. Our Gods&Monsters FATE Worlds game. A mythic-fantasy game where the players take on the role of gods in a pantheon of their own creation. A great campaign that deals with themes of parenting, community building, and freedom. The main players are Raymond, and Eric; with Ryan from Rag-NERD-Rok GMing.

The Verdant Mountains. An Apocalypse World campaign set in a politically volatile world of over grown forests. Some of our best story telling to date.
Ryan and Alex from Rag-NERD-Rok joined us for this, along with Brandon. Raymond was our MC.

Adventure Base Raiding. Our wacky as all heck superpowered adventure racing campaign. Run using Ross Payton’s Base Raiders, a game of superpowered dungeon crawls that uses Strange FATE. Ryan and Alex from RNR join Fin , along with Raymond as our GM.

Magical Creator Girls. We ran a short mini campaign of Magical Fury, the Magical Girl Anime RPG. Caitlyn, Sofi, and Ellery joined GM Raymond for this fun little uplifting adventure about the power of creativity, positivity, and girls.

Blades In The Dark: Arcus. Our longest campaign to date. Fin ran us through Blades in the Dark, in a setting that we all created together. Ellery, Rachel, and Ray play as scoundrels fresh out of prison trying to make a name for themselves in the floating city of Arcus.

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