Finished Quests

Once we’ve finished uploading a campaign we’ll put it in here. We’ll stick to campaigns that actually resolved, rather than ones that collapsed.

Wild Talents: Turning’s Big Bang – season 1. This is our Wild Talents game in a homebrew setting. Set in the corporately funded city of Turning, NSW. A city built to foster scientific and technological advancement. A city that over night becomes full of super powered individuals. Liam, Sofi, and Bec are the players in this campaign with Raymond as the GM.

Arcanum Quest! A steampunk game run using new World of Darkness 1st edition. An adaptation of the computer game Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Kim is GM with Raymond, Wilfred, and Liam playing.

The Slayers Of Decadence. Our Gods&Monsters FATE Worlds game. A mythic-fantasy game where the players take on the role of gods in a pantheon of their own creation. A great campaign that deals with themes of parenting, community building, and freedom. The main players are Raymond, and Eric; with Ryan from Rag-NERD-Rok GMing.

The Verdant Mountains. An Apocalypse World campaign set in a politically volatile world of over grown forests. Some of our best story telling to date.
Ryan and Alex from Rag-NERD-Rok joined us for this, along with Brandon. Raymond was our MC.

Adventure Base Raiding. Our wacky as all heck superpowered adventure racing campaign. Run using Ross Payton’s Base Raiders, a game of superpowered dungeon crawls that uses Strange FATE. Ryan and Alex from RNR join Fin , along with Raymond as our GM.

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