[The Deep Forest] Fae

CW: Violence, corporal punishment, kidnapping, colonialism.


We did a crossover of sorts recently. We had Lachlan from Fantasy Cartography on the show to play a little bit of The Deep Forest with us. It was a blast!
For those that are unaware, The Deep Forest is a collaborative map drawing game built off of The Quiet Year. It’s about communities reestablishing themselves in a postcolonial world. The hardships they face, and how they overcome them. Our game feature some violence, and a few absurd jokes; but we still played to the subject matter, so just be aware that it might be a bit emotional for some.

[Blades In The Dark/The Quiet year]: World Building Arcus

In this week’s episode we share with you how we created the setting for our Blades in The Dark campaign, using a map drawing game called The Quiet Year. 
After we finished up the game Fin went and listened through the whole episode, extrapolating changes, and cutting the fat until we had a nice consistent setting. Then he drew us a kick ass map! 
We hope you all enjoy this look at a cool little thing we did.


[Blades In The Dark]: Arcus 02

This week in Arcus we explore Driftdock, exploitation of racial minorities, and have a chat about Impetus. All while trying to get paid. A quick heads up that the last 10 minutes of this recording is pretty mechanics heavy.

If you would like to listen to the Quiet Year game we used to create our setting you can gain access to it on our patreon for $1. (we will release this for free after season one of Arcus is complete.)


The Quiet Year: O’Neal

It’s time for a Quiet Year. Our map went missing, but the recording survived!
This one take place of a space station, enjoy.

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The Quiet Year: Bears. Bears Everywhere.

This weeks podcast is another recording we made on International Table Top day, our second game of The Quiet Year.

Raymond helped run this game as we had five players. Things went off the rails pretty hard at times, but it was all good fun.

the photos we took of the map didn’t come out very well, but here they are anyway.

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Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

The Quiet Year: Amusement

The Quiet year is a co-operative map drawing/world building game with elements of role-playing where the players act as voices within the community attempting to survive and build something in a post apocalyptic world.
Our community was situated in an amusement park, complete with a clown religion, a break away sect, and general light-hearted shenanigans.

We took photos of out map throughout the game, you can find them below, or on tumblr.

If you liked our play through of The Quiet Year, leave us a comment with YOUR preferred Quiet Year setting.
Who knows maybe we’ll play there next time! Stay tuned to find out.