NEWS TIME: Expanding our managment team AND new content coming soon.

First thing’s first: our new assistant editor and marketing advisor; Kim. since we launched in November 2014 most of the work at [insert quest here] has been done by Raymond. Lots of people helped create content by playing in games but Raymond was the one that ran the site. Over the months Kim (a regular player and close friend of Raymond’s) has become more involved. Kim has been key to keeping Raymond motivated, as well as expanding the sites reach, he even ran a campaign for us; Arcanum Quest. Recently, Raymond had to go away for a week and Kim bravely stepped up to help keep the site running. At the moment, Kim’s duties mostly extend to proof reading and spell checking Raymond’s writing, making Facebook posts promoting the site, and helping Raymond come up with new content. In the future Kim’s role will expand but for now he has enough on his plate.

New content: we’ve got a lot of ideas for role playing games we’d like to feature. But, we’re also looking to expand! Many of the ideas we have still require more planning, but one thing we are ready to launch is a monthly writing challenge.

The monthly writing challenge is designed to get YOUR creative ideas out there and onto the [IQH] site.
How it works is every month we’ll post an image to serve as inspiration for a creative writing project. Anyone can take part and you’ll have until the 28th of that month to submit your article. Think of it as a short story based on the stimulus image.
We’ll post something of our own based on the image, but really we’re more interested in seeing what you have to offer. Who knows where it might lead?
One month’s writing project could turn into the idea/setting for an entire campaign, or start people along the path to becoming the world’s next best-selling author.
The fundamental idea behind the monthly writing challenge is to get inspired; whether that’s inspiring yourself or someone else, all inspiration should be cherished and nurtured.

In the mean time, we at [IQH] hope you continue to enjoy and, if you’re keen, share out content.
Until then, Happy Gaming!

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