Dungeon World: Jotun Moot – Two To Get Ready

This week we square up to a Jotun for the first time with perhaps; too many plans.

Enjoy this session of Dungeon World!

Did you listen to the session zero of this mini campaign yet? We used it to make our characters, and build up or setting. You can give it a listen here.

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One comment

  1. I have really been enjoying this campaign so far, not least of all because the PCs make things worse everywhere they go. They are the traveling adventurers that your mother warned you about. Gib is the bardiest bard who ever barded. When he sold out the ambush plan to the giant, I was like… 🤨😰😱😂🤣. Claviovasus is my favorite though, because she talks a Jotun-sized game and then routinely gets screwed by Rei’s crappy rolls in the clinch. I’m up to the third episode (preview for Patreon backers—whoo!), and I have to say, the cart driver who called them sorcerers and ran away had the right idea. Rei and Ellery really need to buy Fin a shirt that says, “Are you *sure* you want to do that?”

    Keep up the good work, all! Looking forward to hearing more.


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