Call Of Cthulhu – Die High: Online Game

A few weeks ago Raymond got to play in another RPPR online fan game, this time a modern day Call of Cthulhu game.
It was Raymond’s first time playing CoC, but he was familiar with the system thanks to his time spent listening to Role Playing Public Radio’s actual plays.

This scenario was run by Aaron and takes place in modern day Chicago. A group of astronomy students are atop a skyscraper, hoping to catch a glimpse at the heavens; when one of them is struck down by a mysterious presence!
Listen in as the players try to discover the truth about what happened to their friend, and what strange entity lurks in the clouds above the windy city. Find out in this actual play of Die High!

This game was only possible thanks to the all the people that support Role Playing Public Radio on Patreon. Raymond is one of them, and if you’d like to show your support for RPPR you can pledge Ross and the rest of his crew some cash over here. Or if you just want to listen to more podcast and actual plays you can find more from RPPR and RPPR actual play by clicking those names respectively.

If you you enjoyed this podcast please like it on wordpress or soundcloud, or leave us a comment. If you want to help Kim and Raymond out, the best thing you could do is share the podcast! It’s how new people discover the site, and it helps us attract more listeners.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.


  1. This game! Spoilers ahead, but Ray says at one point “Hey! Where are you going?! Don’t you run away from us! You can’t just come down here and start killing people and then run away! You get your arse back here you filthy sky monster!” while his character was throwing chips at said sky monster.
    I feel this should go in some sort of highlight reel and/or be illustrated.


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