Our upcoming patreon launch

We thought it would be a good idea to share with you all some information about our Patreon launch.

First of all; if you haven’t heard about this yet, don’t feel bad. We only finalised it last month, and we haven’t posted about it here yet. You might have heard us mention it during some recording though, and if you follow us on Twitter.
We’ll be launching our Patreon on November 17th, 2016.
To celebrate we’ll be hosting a 12 hour live stream; full of special guests, gaming banter, and some role playing. That will go from 8am to 8pm AEDT. You can find some more info here.

So what is a Patreon, and why are we making one?
Patreon is a platform that lets fans support(with money) creators. There are videos around that explain it more (link bellow) but we’ll try to explain a little here.
You can make monthly pledges to support us over on patreon, that money is used to help us grow the podcast and do new things to entertain you. You’ll also be getting something back for that donation. Your donation can be any amount of money you want from $1 up.
There will be different rewards for donating different amounts but every donation helps us grow.
We’ll be using ours a bit like a premium subscription service. You’ll all still keep getting podcast episodes for free, nothing changes there; but we’ll have other kinds of content and new shows behind the paywall over on Patreon.
We’re doing this because we want to offer you a better podcast, with higher quality audio; and to do that we need money.
This is all voluntary of course, and we totally understand that even those of you that want to offer donations might not be able to. If you want to help the podcast, and don’t have money to spare then there are still ways to support us. Comment on our posts, share them, tell your friends about the podcast. These things help people discover what we make, and it’s way more effective than facebook ads.

If you want more information on what patreon is you can find it here.

We also wanted to take this time to share our Patreon rewards and goals.
We’re going to talk more about these during the stream but for now, here they are.
Rewards: These are bonuses you get for tipping us different amounts of money. Values are in USD.

[IQH] Fan
$1 or more per month
Thank you for supporting [insert quest here] every little bit helps us create new and engaging content for you.
(this teir also gets access to the Patreon only Live stream once it gets funded)

[IQH] Super-fan
$5 or more per month
We know you all crave dat podcast.
To thank you for all your support you get access to podcast episodes 3 days early.

[IQH] Mega-fan
$10 or more per month
A personal shout out on one of our podcasts.
Your name will go into the credits for all the episodes you help make.

[IQH] Ultra-fan
$25 or more per month
The chance to play in a monthly patreon only one shot.
And go into the draw to appear as a guest on the behind the scenes live stream(once it is funded.)

[IQH] Über-fan
$50 or more per month
You will receive a download link for all our past episodes, so that you can get the complete backlog with a single click of a button.
At the end of every year you’ll get a download link for that years episodes.

[IQH] Supreme-fan, marshal of all the Fans.
$100 or more per month
An [insert quest here] personalised online one shot for you and 2 friends.
An assistant producers credit at the end of every episode.

Next up, Goals: Goals are funding targets, promises to start projects once we get certain amounts of money coming in per-month. We’ve got ideas for goals all the way up to $500,000. We’re only going to share the first few though, in case we need to change some of them.

Patron Only Live stream
Once a month we’ll do a Patron Only Live stream where we answer your questions about upcoming projects, scenario design, and what we’ve been up to.

Secret Numenera Campaign
We’ll release the infamous Numenera campaign that Brandon ran for us.

Audio Update
At $400 a month we’ll be able to afford to update our audio recorder, and Raymond’s microphone for online games.

Behind The Scenes blog
A new monthly design blog featuring Raymond’s session, and scenario design notes.

Video Game Live streams
weekly video game live streams. All Patreon backers get to vote on what we stream.

New RPG show
Once a month we’ll do an AP where we try out a new game.

Second Podcast
At this level of monthly funding we become fully sustainable. Raymond can devote all this time to [insert quest here].
We’ll start posting more actual plays, and expand our GM roster.

We hope you found this information useful, and that you will support us (however you can) going forward. [insert quest here] is very important to all those involved and we’d like to expand what we can do with it.

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