[Blades In The Dark]: Arcus 08

This week in the city of Arcus our scoundrels try to expand their turf even further. They case notions of a bakery, consider opening a casino, and even attempt to gain stakes in a Pali ring. 
But are their forces conspiring against them? It seems like someone keeps getting in their way.
Hit play and travel to Arcus with us to uncover more.

EDITORS NOTE: Sorry about the bean bag noise. We tried to edit it out, but our voices sounded really weird. The bean bag is not too common a noise in the recording.



First Look: World Wide Wrestling

Its the International Quarterly Hurtfest main event: Chris Colt V Harley Devil!
These up and coming fan favourites have been give the headlining slot in this quarters Hurtfest. Who will out shine the other? Will the Devil get revenge on behalf of his manager or will Colt earn another victory notch on his belt? Tune in and find out in this First Look at World Wide Wrestling.

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