Eclipse Phase: When Your Heart Stops Beating

The meme team is back! This time they’re on their way to a strange alien garden, filed with dangerous secrets for sure!

Sadly this was the last time we were able to record a Meme Team game, but if you liked this content, let us know! We’ll try and do something like it again.

Eclipse Phase: Break In Case Of Emergency

This is the first of 2 APs we recorded with the Meme Team. There was a plan to do more; but it became untenable. It’s still great content and I think you’ll all love it.

The Meme Team are a First In Gatecrashing team. The travel through the Fissure Gate to new worlds in order to see if it’s safe for others to follow. The Meme Team are part of the London Calling Collective a group of anarchists that all love first in missions. We hope you enjoy this bonkers episode.


Eclipse Phase one shot: Homesteading.

A first-in gatecrashing mission out of Pandora leads to a strange discovery.

A mishap with scheduling, and two new players, meant that this scenario ended up being a little more rushed. Still worth listening to, I had a lot of fun doing some character voices.

We’ll be running an online Eclipse Phase game later this month, you can find more info on our facebook page, or our twitter.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

Eclipse Phase: better luck next time.

in this one shot eclipse phase game Kim, Vorn, and new player James, have to find out what happened to a missing Firewall sentinel. along the way they antagonist an Ultimate, piss off a scum swarm, and have to confront a group of Aztec cultist.

i was inspired to make this game after watching a few music videos that featured gifs and loops that would deteriate and become glitched as the song progressed.

if you like this Actual play please share it. Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

Eclipse Phase: when one door closes, another opens.

nebula prison

the silhouette of the station from “when one door closes…”

Our PC are one of Pathfinder corps first-in teams. They are sent through the martian pandora gate first whenever Pathfinder discovers worlds they think will be useful. They thought they were going to a barren rock. They thought they’d just be looking at old ruins. They thought they’d be alone. They thought wrong.

Eclipse Phase is a trans-humanist conspiracy horror RPG. The setting has uplift animals, rogue AI, good guy AI and, most interestingly, interchangeable bodies.

I hope you enjoy this AP. Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.