Eclipse Phase: Empty Castle

This week new cast members Jasmine and Jeremy join us to play some Eclipse Phase. We’ll be running this scenario at GX Australia next weekend also.

A group of “recovery specialists” have been tasked with infiltrating a hab that has been quarantined since the Fall. They don’t really know what happened here, but someone is paying them a lot of money to recover some lost art. Let’s find out if the pay is worth it.

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Eclipse Phase: Fast Extraction.

This week we’ve got a nice short Eclipse Phase scenario that i just sort of whacked together. It’s a Martian Train heist, to kidnap a Jovian VIP. there are some references to our eCOPse phase games(new one in may).
If you’d rather watch the live stream than listen to it, you can find it HERE.

This is only the second game I’ve ever run online. I’ve played in a couple of online games lately and it removes some of the scheduling issues of a normal in person TTRPG run. This was probably the most linear scenario I’ve ever run, and the shortest; in spite of that i kinda loved it. I hope to run more online games in the future.

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Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.