[Monsterhearts]: Four Now

The finale of our adventures in Monsterhearts, for a little while at least.

We had a discussion about our feelings on the game at the end of the episode rather than write up reflections; cause this was a short campaign.

No new episode of the podcast on the 28th, as we will be on vacation.


[Monsterhearts]: Three For Three

This week we take a look at the school life of our boys, and deal with the fall out from the cliff top party.

A reminder that there will be no early episode on the 25th, and no podcast episode on the 28th.


[Monsterhearts]: Zero and One

This is the session Zero and session One of our short Monsterhearts game. The session zero includes discussions of what elements we want to look at, what themes we want to deal with, and what we want to avoid. We talk about racism, sexism, and violence. We discuss safety tools.

Session One begins on in a dorm room, in a boys only boarding school, on an island. And the actually recording starts at 1h and 50m.


First Look: Alas For The Awful Sea

Recently Ellery and Raymond went down to Sydney to try out the new RPG Alas for the Awful Sea. The designers of the game actually demoed it for use.
We played a scenario call Mother; where our 3 sibling player characters return home to help their family cope with their ailing Mum.

You can find out more about Alas For The Awful Sea, here.

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Monster Of The Week: Kelpie Hunt Part 2

We continue our investigation, in the 2nd half of Ryan’s MotW game, into the senators son. Following the trail of strange visions from parallel worlds, glimpses in time, and clues gathered from illegal wire taps to find the Kelpie’s nest our Gay Grampas might just have to ruin a mans life.
And his wife’s life.
And the life of his son.
And possibly that of an assistant as well.
But the nurses come out alright!

If you missed part one you can find it here!

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Farewell from the past.