Wild Talents Campaign: Turnings Big Bang!

turnings big bang is a wild talents game with our own game world. the player characters have had their elemental themed superpowers thrust upon them. they live in the charter city of Turning; town created to foster the development of science and technology.

The first campaign we did for the podcast; it was a little rough, but it’s great gear.
Bec, Sofi, and Liam were the players. Raymond was GM.
One day we hope to return to Turning and see how it’s changed.

Eclipse Phase: CLEVER BOXER

Firewall needs a local group of Sentinels to fix a fight on Qing Long station.
This is a Triad run town. Entertainment; Casinos, are the big money round here.
Half the eyes in Transhuman space are going to be streaming this fight.
How will the makeshift team pull this off?
Who’s gonna get burned?
Who’ll strike it rich?
Tune in and find out.

Veterans of the podcast; Bec and Sofi, join new player Fin in this online one shot.
Fins mic was a little glitchy at times, we attempted to clear it up a little.
If you want to read the Mission Packet the players were given, you can read it here.

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Farewell from the past.

Turning’s Big Bang episode 10: best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray

The final episode of Turnings Big Bang Season 1. Big action and big drama in this episode as the players fight for the future of Turning and conduits.
I hope you all enjoyed this, I know we did. I look forward to revisiting Turning later this year hopefully.

Next Monday we’ll have the first episode of Arcanum Quest up.
This coming weekend we are also recording a new episode of The Crusading Couch and an Eclipse Phase game.

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Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

Turning’s big bang episode nine – a recipe for disaster

in this episode of TBB the players make their final plans and preparations. they solidify alliances, and pick their targets. there is a scripted news event. the universe is also starting to unravel,but don’t worry about that too much; the time for that will come later.

i hope you enjoyed this, our second last episode of turnings big bang season 1. if you like our podcast please share it with others.

farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

Turning’s big bang episode seven – Point of no return

the PC’s allies have come to them with 3 targets of strategic importance to their cause. the players need to go after one target themselves and send allies to another, but which targets are more important? this is a pretty action packed episode. ALSO: i finally use Ben(Marinas child) for plot. weird plot.

i hope you all enjoy this episode. and if you did, please share it.

farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

Turning’s big bang episode six – Si vis pacem, para bellum

this run our heroes begin the march to war, starting with recruitment! they have plans to through a party for superpower peoples of turning out in the desert. this couldn’t possibly go wrong.

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farewell from the past, i’m Raymond.

Turning’s Big Bang: episode five – no rest for the wicked

last run the players evaded capture by the police. and sadly Vulcan was cut down by a sniper employed by the corporations.

after fleeing from the police jaz and marina stumbled across some super villains attempting to rob a bank and causing trouble in the shopping center. they stepped in to help and made an ally in the process.

in this run we introduce liams new character; Eidolon. the players set themselves some missions: Jaz tries to get some more cash. Eidolon attempts to cover his tracks. and the whole team learns more about the corporations plans for turning.

if you enjoyed this actual play please share it with your friends.
farewell from the past, i’m raymond.

Turning’s big bang: episode four – bullets and blacktop and bankheists OH MY!

at the end of the last episode our players escaped from corporate custody in an armoured car. now they need to evade recapture by the police. we also introduce some super villains. ALSO ALSO: one of the player characters comes face to face with their own mortality.

please share our recordings anyway you can, we’d love to have more listeners.

farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

Turning’s big bang: episode three – balancing the books

in the last episode the players managed to find and begin renovating a secret base to suit their needs.

more importantly they investigated strange signals they heard on the radio. they ran afoul of some heavily armed security, and took the comatose man the security was guarding back to their secret base.

3 security guards are dead, 2 are seriously injured. who is this man? why did these security guards give their lives to protect him? what kind of attention will the players actions bring down on their characters? you’ll have to listen to find out.

farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.


Turning’s big bang: episode two – EBS

in the week following what the media is calling a terrorist attack; news crews have swarmed to Turning and are praising the swift response of it’s emergency services and strong community action of it’s residence.

but something isn’t quite right. none of the broadcasts are showing the super-powered individuals. phone lines and most telecommunications seem to be non-functioning, including the internet and mobile phones.

will our players solve this mystery, or do their priorities lay else where?