LANCER is an upcoming Mecha RPG about rugged pilots and their Mechanized Cavalry Mech Suits. We had the chance to play a session with one of our Patrons.

On the planet Em-ewe, the region of Sydan has been seized by foreign insurrectionists. Caught in the crossfire is Alvilda Bondam, daughter of a planetary politician. Our pilots have to exfiltrate her to the Dyna city Spaceport before she’s killed or captured for ransom. They also have transport her across a hostile city before the enemy forces overrun said spaceport.


The 3 Wise Warriors of the Apocalypse

A child is born, in a distant settlement. The Brainers say they are destined to be a great and powerful Hard Holder. You’ve all decided to make the pilgrimage and pledge yourself to this new Warlord of the future.
Raymond ran a game of Apocalypse World over Xmas to help us get in the spirit…kinda.
It’s at least in part inspired by the 3 Magi.
Thanks to our Patrons for making this possible. Patrons like Yoddel, who got to play in this game as part of their rewards.

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