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[Eclipse Phase] Empty Hutong

A mission recorder has been pulled out of a quarantined space station. A group of scientists watch the XP, searching for clues as to what happened to the mission that went into the zone.

This is an Eclipse Phase scenario that I wrote as an intro game. One of the players microphones was a little glitchy, but it’s not too much of an issue.

Eclipse Phase: Ships In The Knight-Redux

We’ve been running Ships In The Knight a lot of late, it’s kind of become our intro to Eclipse Phase game.
This is a bit different to the original game we ran (seen here), which is why I wanted to post it. At the time of recording I’d already run this scenario 3 times before.

New players Ellery, Tim, and Ben join us for this one! A nail biting ride through an aging ghost ship.

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Farewell from the past.


Introduction to Role Playing Games… Game.

We at [insert quest here] want to give people new to the hobby of role-play gaming an opportunity to try it out, that is why on the first weekend of July (Saturday the 4th, and Sunday the 5th) we’ll be running an introductory game. We’re hoping to get new players in to try out games, but we’ll also open the table to people that have only played a few games, or who haven’t played in a while.
There are a few different game worlds we have in mind, but they all use the same rules. the three themes we are considering are: pulp science fiction, fantasy, and post apocalyptic. We’ll run games based on what the majority of the players are interested in.
If you are interested in taking part, and live in the Newcastle/Hunter area; you can email us to express your interest at: