[Blades In The Dark]: Arcus 14

We’re still in the dead city, trying to recover the strange bust. Of course we’re also fighting a deadly hulking ghost beast.

The danger doesn’t end there; we also have visions of the past to deal with.


[Blades In The Dark]: Arcus 13

This week the Spectres deal with past failures and missteps, and are forced to infiltrate the spirit infested walled city of Morgward.

But is that daring enough for them?


Blades In The Dark: Arcus Episode 6

Our gang goes to war, and oh my do they go to war.
Ghosts, Skyships, Rivals, and Cassowary’s are all thrown into the mix for this Daring assault on the lair of the Bright Nights.

Content Warning as always; wildfire, vehicular manslaughter, and graphic violence.


First Look: Blades In The Dark

We took a look at the new Fantasy Heist RPG of thievery and murder; Blades In The Dark.
We’ve got a little bit of character generation, because we thought you guys might be interested in seeing more of that. We also ran a daring assault on a mansion full of swordsmen.

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