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Game ideas

This page features brief descriptions of future scenarios and campaigns we want to run. It’s so listeners and players can see what is coming up, make suggestions, and maybe even ask to be a player in one of them. This list will expand and contract. At the moment it’s only Raymond’s ideas, but it will likely include other people’s in the future.

Space Road Truckers: Players are long haul space transporters trying to get their cargo to port. Could be Eclipse Phase(and serious) or something else, like Dungeon Planet(and campy.)

When one door closes, another opens [version2]: An Eclipse Phase gatecrashing game, where the players are sent through a Pandora gate to explore an exo-planet but end up at a different location than intended.

Luna Hell Hunt: an Eclipse Phase one shot where all the players are adolescents on Luna. It’s Halloween, and a large group of teens is terrorising youngsters. inspired by the Bob’s Burgers episode “full bars”.

Homesteading: a gatecrashing team arrives on a newly discovered world, lush with vegetation. while searching it they find an abandoned wooden homestead, clear signs of having been built by humans. It shouldn’t be there. How did it get there? who built it? where are they?

Castle in the border lands: I’d like to do an Eclipse Phase dungeon crawl, set in the Scum swarm, “There’s No Going Back”, on their la France rig Castle on the borderlands.

The Liberation: You are communist heroes! You must free the capitalists from the oppressors.

Agents of The Empire: War has been outlawed on earth, by mutual compact. However, with the invention of aether drives the old empires have been spread to the stars! You play as secret agents of the Immortal Empress Victoria. This’d be a FATE game.

Under The Sea: You play as a Tritons! It’s a Dungeon World game, but underwater.

Quest for Fire: a Numenera game where the players hail from a town fuelled by a burning nuclear heart. Where the heart has almost burnt out all it’s fuel rods. The players must become Numenera hunters in order to save their home.

The New World cometh: a fantasy game where the players are starting a colony in newly discovered land which is thought to be uninhabited, only to be proven wrong.

Bootstraps: a modern setting campaign where the players build a criminal empire. Could be urban fantasy, could just be a modern tale.

Weapons of the Divine: You play as one of the Divine weapons, prophesied to rise at the end of every great epoch. Agents of change, what injustices will you combat with god like power? A FATE game. So far the Divine weapons are: The Sword, Bow, Spear, Axe, Shield, Body, Knife, Club. Each one would have a list of archetypal character traits.

Rollin’ City: An Apocalypse World game, set in nomadic town of drifters, drivers, haulers, and choppers. A town on wheels, chewin’ up resources, and whatever remains of the tarmac.

Long Stretch: An Eclipse Phase campaign. You are criminals, put into suspension prisons before the strife and destruction that was the Fall. You awaken into a new world, unsure of your place in it, or how to navigate the new social structures you find yourselves in. The only skills you have are the ones that landed you in lock up. What will you do to survive?

Means Of Production: An Eclipse Phase campaign. You are Firewall sentinels, investigating a series of hostile take overs of various hypercorp facilities. Some of them have been retaken, others are being held quite securely. Find the cause, and inform your handlers if you think it’s an X-threat.

Pain//Recovery: An Eclipse Phase campaign where all the players took part in a shared traumatic holding action during the fall. 10 years later, 10 years into their new lives and old “war buddy” contacts them posthumously via the mesh after deleting all his back ups. He tells them it‘s back, what ever it is.

Pirate Bait: An Eclipse Phase scenario where the players are drift pirates. Waiting out in the interplanetary shipping lanes for automated cargo ships to drift by so they can jack the cargo and try not to starve. But something is off about the near by prey, this ship don’t move right.

Parole Hearing: You wake up in a loud room, lit by low red lights. You can’t move. You can barely feel your body. It’s hard to breath. The last thing you remember is a prison doc telling you to count back from ten as they slipped the ego probes onto your head. A silhouette emerges from the red. “This is your parole hearing. If you are willing to kill monster to your last breath then your sentence will be commuted. If that sounds like too much to ask, we’ll leave your egos in cold storage we abandon this rock. Make your choice.” -An Eclipse Phase one shot set during the fall.

The Long Road Home: A fantasy game where the players characters are survivors of a disastrous invasion of another nation. Now stranded in a foreign land they have to try and get home.

Those are the ideas I have at the moment.
Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

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