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Good Society Interview

We had Vee and Hayley on the show to talk to us about their new Jane Austen RPG, Good Society. It’s got some really interesting setup mechanics that help you tailor the game to your groups style.
It was a pleasure catching up with them again. If you’d like to talk to them about all they have going on, why not head to Ettin Con? Vee and Hayley will be there running games.

Baroness Froda’s College for the Magically Gifted and Phantasmagoria

Alex and Yoddel join us for a Fiasco this week; the Dragon Slayers playset.

Rivule and Odano moved to the magnificent magical city of Argnt to study Forbidden lore. A couple of fishmen out of water. But now Odanos started studying golems!
Will these two small town friends overcome their big city differences? Tune in and find out in this weeks quest!

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Farewell from the past.