The [insert quest here] Monthly Writing Challenge For March 2016


Find higher resolution image, here

This month’s stimulus comes from artist Lee Kyonglyol, you can find more from Lee on ArtStation.

The challenge is this; write a short story (or other piece of fiction) inspired by the above image, it need only be a few paragraphs long. You have until the 28th of March to complete this months challenge. A hint of advice, I recommend really immersing yourself in the piece. Inspiration doesn’t always strike right away.

You don’t have to send your creations back to us or anything (but if you’d like to here is our email:
We just want to help motivate you to write, and write in different and varied genres.

We’ll post our own attempts at the end of the month.

If you like to see what we created from last months stimulus, check it out here.