Craig Page

[IQH] presents: Intersections of LARP and TTRPG

Melody Watson, and Craig Page join Ray in talking about some of the ways LARP and Table Top RPGs intersect, and differ. This was the first of a few talks like this we’ll be planning to have, so let us know what we left out. We’ll definitely try and get to it next time.


Interview with Craig Page

This week we’re taking a short break from Arcus to bring you another interview with a game designer.
This time we’re talking to Craig Page, a LARP, Jedi, and all around cool guy. Craig came on to talk to us about his LARP project; Kensei. A Martial Tournament larp set in the near future.
If you want to find more from Craig you can check out his Gaming blog here.
His Star Wars blog here.
And this is a link to his Patreon.