Base Raiders: Return of the Robot Assassin (Presented by RPPR)

We’ve got another RPPR Patreon game for you all this week. This time though it is the super-powered RPG Base Raiders, a game about picking up the pieces after the world’s most powerful heroes and villains vanished! It’s also about looting the shit out of abandoned super-hideouts! If you’d like to check out Base Raiders it’s available on DriveThru RPG.
You can also find Actual Plays from the creator of the game by clicking on this link right here!

So, here’s the hook:
While looking into increased activities within the NYC criminal rings the hero, inventor Iconoclast discovers two disturbing facts. One, there seems to be a rise in casualties on all sides that the gangs are not talking about; specifically with Luytein refugees that have been “recruited” as specialised enforcers. And two, it appears that these Luytein enforcers have had the majority of their cybernetic implants stripped. Researching further into the attacks, Iconoclast finds CCTV footage of one of the attacks, revealing the perpetrator to be the hero know as the Steel Centurion. Realising that the Steel Centurion has either gone rogue or someone else has acquired the armour, Iconoclast calls on four local Base Raiders to find out why the one-time hero has had a change of heart and what he plans to do with the stolen Luytein technology.

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