First Look: [Night Witches]

Guest GM Lex come on to run us through our first game of Night Witches.
Night Witches is an RPG by Jason Morningstar about Russian World War 2 bomber pilots, in an all Female unit. It’s about the struggles they faced, the horrors they endured, and brave acts they performed.
For this episode we had an all lady group of players, including a whole bunch of new people.

This is also the first Actual Play where Rei has used their female pronouns; so join us in celebrating this episode of firsts.

Thanks to Roanna and Nika for joining us, you were a pleasure to have on.
If any listeners would like to follow Nika on twitter she uses @loweryi, and you can see her wonderful art at (it is well worth checking out.)
Also a special thanks to Lex for running this for us, we hope we can talk you into running more games for us in the future.

[This episode has a small ad break in it, to afford you an opportunity to pause the show in  convenient location. Should you wish to skip it once it starts, feel free. Ad Break ends at 1h 41m 36s]

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