Adventure Base Raiding- Heat 3: Parisian Ball Crash

Heads up, this adventure involves Neo-Conservative, and Neo-fascist background characters.

Holy cow! What a dramatic turn of events!
The base has taken flight, uprooting several blocks of central Paris!
Our super teams were neck and neck just a moment before; but now how is the TKS/Ethereal team going to catch up!?

Part 3 of adventure 3 in our Base Raiders campaign. You can find part 1 here. If you want to read the primer for the campaign, here’s a link to that. You can find out more about Base Raiders here.

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Farewell from the past.



  1. Paris is in shambles and before taking the fight to the fascists and killer robot, there is always time for a fart joke.
    Looking at the various isotopes, the most logical one is plutonium 239 seeing as it is the one whose wikipedia entry specifically mentions reactors. That isotope decays into Uranium 235 which is pretty stable and not great reactor fuel.
    The park by the Eiffel is called Champ de Mars.

    This part was freaking awesome.

    For things that should only be acknowledged after you’ve listened to the whole thing, aka spoilers:
    “Eat it Greg!” might the best thing said in these games so far! At least until a couple of minutes later, when we are treated to the gem “This machine kills communists!”.
    Finally, dieselpunk Nazi Warmachine is my aesthetic.

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    1. Heat 4 is the Wild Card race…but the boys are thinking of travelling to the Hollow Earth for Heat 5. If that’s where we go I’ll probably have Immortal GIs and some Communists fighting over the land time forgot.

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