Eclipse Phase: Lunar Hell Hunt

The people of Little Boston cling to the traditions of Earth, hiding in their wealthy gated community from the realities around them. They spend hundreds of thousands of credits each on creating the illusion of  living on the dead homeworld.

Halloween night is no exception. The Kids of Little Boston get to pretend that they are safe, dress up, and grab some candy from the grown ups.
But is it really safe?

Aaron from RPPR, and Eric the Rhythm Bastard join Bec, and Raymond in this Eclipse Phase one shot. We had some connection issues, but hopefully that doesn’t disrupt your enjoyment.

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Farewell from the past.


  1. So I’m super bummed I missed out on that ending. I really enjoyed the parts of this that I was able to participate in.

    I loved playing as an innocent/average person in the EP universe. It added a whole new level to the horror knowing that, as kids, the characters wouldn’t be fully able to deal with the types of situations that this universe often churns out.

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  2. I’m listening to this for the second time (I think I listened to it from RPPR, as well as some of your other one-shots with their players).
    It’s funny, the disbelieving police encounter stuff and its aftermath is more viscerally distressing and hard to listen to than any of the other horror in RPG podcasts (and I like EP, Delta Green, etc. stuff!). Stuff like that always makes me leave the room during TV shows. The idea of being falsely accused and punished for something — and history recording the falsehood, regardless of how minor the practical effects, loved ones being made to believe you a liar, etc. — seems worse to me than any physical or mental torture that could be described. Like, it causes actual physical terror/rage responses, sweating and the like. Maybe because I’m ACTUALLY AFRAID of such a thing happening, deeply so, whereas I can brush off the brutality in even crime and action TV shows set in a vaguely-realistic modern day as vanishingly unlikely.

    I always tell myself (as if to reassure myself somehow?) that I would really commit any crime necessary in order to escape punishment for something I didn’t do, however minor, but I kinda hope that isn’t true for obvious reasons. A senseless shootout over a false traffic ticket is NOT how I want to die.
    (though I did once drop a university course the day the instructor insisted I had lied to them (they were mistaken, not malicious), luckily it was not an important class)

    I would SO be the person who demands the group spend all their Moxie and other resources on checks against the poor bike cop. Vindicated and possibly dead when the real threat comes is a better outcome than slandered and safe! (Which is really weird when you put it into words…)

    I guess injustice is a good phobia to have, if you have to have one? At least you always have data (lots of depressing, soul-destroying data, both statical and anecdotal) to throw at anybody who calls your fears irrational.


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