Baroness Froda’s College for the Magically Gifted and Phantasmagoria

Alex and Yoddel join us for a Fiasco this week; the Dragon Slayers playset.

Rivule and Odano moved to the magnificent magical city of Argnt to study Forbidden lore. A couple of fishmen out of water. But now Odanos started studying golems!
Will these two small town friends overcome their big city differences? Tune in and find out in this weeks quest!

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Farewell from the past.

One comment

  1. I loved to play, and would love to play again! One note that I don’t know how much it applies to anyone else, but especially before the tilt I could have used the reminder that my job, as a player, is not to set up only for my character to succeed (and normally expect the GM to provide opposition) but to also make them fail in interesting ways.
    I feel I didn’t embrace that mindset hard enough which arguably could be blamed on the fact that I haven’t played Fiasco before. My default mindset is hardwired to be “how do I solve this problem”, which isn’t necessarily how Fiasco should be played.
    This can be spotted in the Assassin/Target thing especially because I was spending some time thinking of how to make it go through, where an equally valid resolution would have been that Rivule failed. The staff could have been used to bring him back after the failed assassination, or whatever.


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