Eclipse Phase: CLEVER BOXER

Firewall needs a local group of Sentinels to fix a fight on Qing Long station.
This is a Triad run town. Entertainment; Casinos, are the big money round here.
Half the eyes in Transhuman space are going to be streaming this fight.
How will the makeshift team pull this off?
Who’s gonna get burned?
Who’ll strike it rich?
Tune in and find out.

Veterans of the podcast; Bec and Sofi, join new player Fin in this online one shot.
Fins mic was a little glitchy at times, we attempted to clear it up a little.
If you want to read the Mission Packet the players were given, you can read it here.

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Farewell from the past.


  1. Thanks to this game I am now imagining an entire campaign where a group of a fighter, an implant tech/repair man/doctor and a manager try to make it in fighting rings. Winning as much as possible, except when losing is more profitable. Farcasting across the solar system and sleeving in a new morph trying desperately to get used enough to it that you can fight without penalty, while your techie/doc starts the work on getting as many implants as they can legally get away with, trying to resell the morph before leaving for the next event. It got my creative juices going, is my praise!


    1. Eclipse Phase has room for non-horror things.
      And different kinds of Conspiracies, you don’t have to be Firewall agents for EP to work.

      Mind you, you can still have horror in that kind of campaign.
      Body horror comes to mind, black market fighters that will graft anything to their morph if it gives them an edge.
      Slavery is always horrific, maybe someone wants to you to take a gig on Legba. The finest pitt fighters forced ego pruning can forge.

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