The Sprawl: The CTF Job part 2

“You think your op went bad? You haven’t seen a bad op.

A bad op is when you’ve got 6 meters of concrete and steel to cut through and a broken thermal lance.

A bad op is when you’ve got A+++ mil-spec servers to crack and your psycho team mate just popped two in the back of your only hacker.

A bad op is walking into a corps local HQ without scoutin’ it first.

That’s a fuck’n bad op.”

Part 2 of the Sprawl, and the conclusion. Thank you to Brandon for running this game for us. You can find part 1 here.
And thanks to Alex and Ryan from Rag-NERD-Rok for joining us for this as well.
Hopefully we’ll make it back to the Rio-megaplex one day.

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Farewell from the past.

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