Raymonds Attempt at Decembers writing challenge.

At the beginning of every month we we issue a writing challenge to all our friends and fans.
This was the stimulus for this months challenge!

I(Raymond) had real trouble writing this month, and I came up with something…kind of okay. I don’t know, you guys might love it. Check it out below.



Mercurii, 11th of Makara, 53rd year of Unification war. Excavated final thoughts: Subject Falbra, apprentice All-Bright of Kwothhost.

The snow. It’s itching my back, I can feel it crawling up into my gut wound. It’s cold, and burning, and itchy. I think I’m blind in one eye. is anyone here? Is anyone alive? Guess I’ll die alone. Far from home.

We are all far from home.

I guess…war pulls us along. Forces onto distance fields of cranage. I wasn’t meant to be here. I’m a fucking All-Bright, not a soldier! This was meant to be a safe camp, they said this position had held for months! Void tainters the lot of them!

If you’d survived this war, what would you have done with your life?

Fuckin’ nothing worth singing about. Would have just returned to the Augurary. Specialised into some field or another; probably chemetology or chemsics. Guess I could have gotten really loopy and forsaken my calling. Flee to the winds. Live as the Voidwalkers once did.

What would you tell the Voidwalkers, if they could hear you?

Shit…big question. How about: “Thanks for the planet, but how about next time you don’t leave warmongers on it.”

They believed peace would be the only option, and for a while it was.
Raise your head, tell them what you see. Look through the trees, to the west.

Death. Blast holes. Mangled trees and fires. Past that. I guess…a horse? There’s people there. You should go to them, they probably know the way forward. Forward? to where? What way? who are they? They are like you, go to them. These aren’t my own thoughts are they. Yes and no. All thought is shared beyond this world. The itchings stopped. They remind me of my family…but they look different, not just the clothes…their…manner. Go to them, they know the stars. yes…the…stars…


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Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.


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