eCOPse phase: Family Is More Than Blood

(The recording for this episode was 5 hours long, so we cut it into 2 parts. the above is a playlist containing both parts.)
Ardent & Kurtis are troubled by their past together. The daughter of two soap opera stars has gone missing. The Crimson Tide is rising. All this and more! In this weeks eCOPse phase double feature actual play!

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Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.



  1. Do you know that in the setting your simulspace avatar does not have to be your morph it can be anything your character would like and also their is a biomorph mod that lets you switch sex


    1. indeed I am aware of the avatar thing. Wilfred and Kim are very busy and don’t have a huge amount of time to read RPG books, so I try to keep things simple.
      Also; for most business related simulspace work(like digital reception), you’d want use an avatar associated with that role. but I’ll try to include some more diverse simulspace stuff.

      Sex switching takes about a week to complete with the sex switch mod. if you were referring to special battalions chief, they farcast into a gladiatorial morph on weekends; both to let off steam, and earn extra cash off world.


      1. Ah maybe you should give them some more basic info on the setting as it would help with them being cops mostly the criminal side of the setting as that matters alot


      2. They’ve read the books, just not cover to cover. I directed them to sections of the books that they needed to read. they’ve read the law enforcement section in the core book, and they’ve read all of the mars section of sunward. And I’ll talk about eclipse phase if you even give me half of part of an excuse.

        like I started laying down the ground work for running eclipse phase a months before we had a game (we ran Glory.)


  2. The playlist isn’t loading here (unlike your other posts which were single tracks), and the Soundcloud site won’t let me download without creating an account (though the single-track embeds did). Do other people also have a broken embed, or is it just me?


      1. It works now, thank you! (I listened to these two on Soundcloud, but I usually like to download the file and use VLC because I can change speed and stuff, and it responds to my keyboard’s media control keys when in the background.)


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