Atomic Robo: Big Trouble in Akihabara – presented by RPPR

A couple of weeks back Raymond got to play his first game using the FATE rules. It was an online game of Atomic Robo run by RPPR, this time Aaron. RPPR are great podcasters; they do actual plays and a more traditional podcast/talk show type thing. You can fine them over here:
If you’d like to hear the whole recording, including the off topic stuff you can find it here:
But I STRONGLY recommend the edited down audio version.

We’re not big Atomic Robo fans here at [IQH] but it’s an interesting setting filled with super science.

This is the set up the players were given:
Biomega Alert in Chiyoda Ward! Creatures from another dimension are stalking the alleyways of the Akihabara district. Citizens and technology are disappearing left and right, leaving behind shaken bystanders and stories of monsters. In an attempt to stop this campaign of terror, the Japanese government calls on their secret weapon for handing super-science threats: The Science Team Super 5! However on their first encounter with these creatures, the Super 5 seem the vanish without a trace. Running out of options, Japans premiere research division, Big Science Inc, calls on Atomic Robo and the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne to find the Super 5 and discover the secret of the shadow monsters. Will they be able to save Japan in time?

Loved this game, really liked the rules. in fact I have an idea for a FATE setting that I’ll be revealing on our Crusading Couch pitch episode in June. OH also, I (Raymond) both improvise and sing a song in this podcast.

If you liked this podcast please check out our other recordings, as well as RPPR’s.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond


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