The Crusading Couch episode 5: player conflict

In this months episode of The Crusading Couch; Billy asks Kim and Raymond about player conflict and party disputes.
We discuss arguments over loot division, as well as GM’s trying too hard to please everyone. We also come back to a few themes from earlier episodes and view them in a new light. All in all, we think it’s an entertaining episode.

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Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.


One comment

  1. On the topic of people missing runs, if you have more than three players then it’s absolutely viable to have a player miss a run while the others continue, on the proviso that it isn’t a major plot run (eg the last run of a season). We’ve done that in pretty much every campaign with more than three players. With three or less players, it becomes a bit awkward.

    I’d also like to mention that I believe Kim’s problem with having regularly scheduled runs is due to his own schedule being insane and wanting a bit more flexibility. Personally, I’ve found that if runs don’t have a regular schedule, then people don’t plan for them and we end up having regular scheduling conflict. For example, I don’t think that Xandramon actually realises that our changeling runs are on Saturday every two weeks, even though that’s how it’s been for months, because she keeps organising to go out on those nights over a week in advance. Normally, when Will checks early in the week, we’re then able to organise a different day/time. But then situations like this week crop up, where Ro has assumed the regular Saturday and thus organised to go out on Friday, Xandramon hasn’t assumed the regular Sat and so has organised to go out on Saturday, then Will and I were possibly doing Pendragon on Sunday. The whole thing could have been avoided with everyone knowing we have a regular run scheduled.

    The problem with that character staying in the Better Angels game is that the player had decided on the character’s course of action, and refused any alternative. He even said that there was no way he could think of that the character would ever talk to the demon again. There was no other way around that aside from, in the player’s eyes, compromising the character, which he also refused to do. He refused to do anything to change that character, and he was making the other player actively consider leaving the game because of how little she was enjoying it. Personally I think he shouldn’t have gone into a game about dealing with demons with a character that flat out refused to deal with the demon, but that’s just my opinion.

    I tried to die, man. I tried my hardest.

    Sometimes players don’t seem to realise that they are discouraging other characters so much, or alternatively they don’t care because they just want to do what they want to do. I had two characters who wanted to do diplomacy in my last Pathfinder game, and two who really just wanted to kill stuff. When those two weren’t killing things, there were instances of them telling the others to stop talking to things, walking out of the room to go kill stuff in the next room, putting down the players/characters, bringing down the atmosphere (in the same way as when you can tell somebody doesn’t want to be there), and playing on their ipads. As the GM, this made things really difficult for me because everything I did to give the other two something to do would be met with one of those things, whereas the other two were actually polite when things were getting killed. With the killer’s personalities, and my own, I don’t think talking to them would have helped the situation, as I feel it would just have become a huge conflict between us, but I suppose I could have tried.


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