Arcanum Quest episode 6

The final episode of Arcanum Quest. Wilfred, Liam, and Raymond finally face the big bad.
Will it be a walk in the park, or battle for the ages?
Listen in to find out.

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Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond

One comment

  1. Let me start with a little trivia that I find interesting. To get all the void people to join you, the character typically has to do all the side quests that lead to more information about the banished. You have to explore the giant dragon skeleton to find Kraka-Turs lair and get his journal. You have to talk to the Panarii about Gorgoth and learn that it is incapable of feeling satiated. Bane of Kree has a frenemy you can talk to (not sure you really have to though). There is a Kerghan workshop too, and between that and plenty of people telling you that he basically invented necromancy, you get the feeling that these are some epic level dudes. So when the final reveal comes along and it isn’t Annorax [sic] but Kerghan, the feeling I got first time was dread. Kerghan had a terrifying mind, twisted and creative, and learning he had simply overpowered Anthrax [sic] and reigned supreme for thousands of years gives you an immediate estimate of how much more powerful he must be compared to the big bad you were preparing to fight. It also tells you why the apparition by the Wheel Clan is just laying on the ham of “all your loved ones and family!”, Kerghan is just doing his best to spread disinformation.
    I tell this little story because you guys didn’t really get to learn about Kerghan before hand, so you had no real reason to fear him. A little late to add any context to that fight, but whatever.
    Anyway, the end is here. That was a 25 hour epic, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I agree that the amount of scripting is too much of an artifact of the video game, but I see why he did it. Kim prevented you from getting anything but the true experience from the game, unfortunately that requires some of the stupid stuff. There is some value in the accuracy, I feel. Had you been given looser reins you might have accidentally ended up in a situation where the only way to beat the game would be to overhaul the ending entirely.
    All in all, I am glad I discovered it Thursday, totally made my weekend!

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