Arcanum Quest Episode 5

(if you wish to skip Ulrich’s  recap, you can go straight to 10:55)

We get a little distracted by some of the art on the walls at the beginning of the game…which is a nice foreshadowing of what our characters will be doing later in the episode. We continue our work for Stringy Pete, making right all his life’s sins. All in the pursuit of our ultimate goal…what was that again?

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Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.


  1. “Settle in readers” and “Binge-watching”? Dammit Raymond it’s a podcast, neither a book nor a TV show! I can’t be mad though, that recap was gold.
    The Bangellian Deeps! Man, that’s a crazy hole in the ground, just filled with some of the baddest dudes in the freaking game. And then quickly followed by Thanatos, filled with like the second baddest beasties in the game, that you just sailed by (literally) because who in their right mind would walk across the island to the other side?
    The puzzle at 2 and a half hours in is a bit odd, it’s more like an intermission since the as a listener I can’t see the actual puzzle. It’s still enjoyable, hearing you guys talk about rpg preferences and stuff.

    Spoilers for the end of the campaign, but it’s kinda sad that the ultimate evil sword can’t be used to kill the Big Bad. And yes, I have tried. There are two artifacts that can kill him but Bangellian Scourge really should be the third.

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    1. So we didn’t pause while we did the puzzle? I thought we paused it.
      So I (Raymond) love putting physical puzzles in my games, but it’s something I’ve dropped since I started doing the podcast. Mostly cause a physical puzzle is something only the people in the room can enjoy.

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      1. I mean if it took you less than twenty minutes to finish the whole thing it’s there. I haven’t encountered physical puzzles in rpgs before (if you don’t count dread), but it sounds like it could be fun. As it was, twenty minutes of poking around and talking about things that fits better under the category Crusading Couch wasn’t terrible by any means, just different. I was thinking of the puzzle in the video game and how it might be represented in the physical puzzle so I was set either way.

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