Arcanum Quest episode 4

I’m a little late on posting, but only by 40 minutes (it’s 0040 at time of posting).

We’ve got a fresh episode of our steampunk game, Arcanum Quest!
In this episode we take a lovely trip to a library, and burn down a culturally significant forest…that is also a city. We may or may not have murdered a monarch.

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Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.



  1. If they have no horses, how can nobody think to cultivate faster and more rideable cows or donkeys? One of you said they have donkeys and MULES, but they couldn’t well have mules if they don’t have flipping HORSES.
    Anyway, you are on a roll now, the story is flying by! You might be interested in the knowledge that for a mage with Teleport the game flies by in almost real time after you get to the required level. You barely have to walk at all. Without Teleport it is a more than three year epic of mostly wandering around the country side. Consider that a half-orc generally dies of old age at about 50-60 years.
    I really legit thought you guys would suffer some deaths in Cumbria. I similarly thought Raymond would suffer some IRL damage when you discovered Edward Teach was in Blackroot and not Ashbury.

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