Arcanum Quest episode 2

In this episode of Arcanum Quest we undertake some INDUSTRIAL ACTION! And someone gets their beautiful face blown off.

A reminder that when we hit 100 subscribers on WordPress or Sound Cloud, or 100 likes on Facebook; we are going to do a listeners choice actual play.
You, the Listeners, will be able to send us in suggestions for setting, rules systems, themes, what ever. We’ll pick the ones we like most and then have you all vote on which one we’ll play.

It could be a game about a time travelling news crew trying to get the big scoop!

If you like our content please share, it’s really important because it helps new people discover our podcast. Just the other day Kim (the GM of today’s game) shared a link on his Facebook and it doubled the traffic to our site.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

One comment

  1. Continuing the listen, now I am glad for the Black Mountain Mines edits, that place is so early and so ridiculously filled with enemies it’s a miracle I stuck with it when I played the video game. It is of course a very characteristic area for the entire game. The almost dying to the teleporting dudes in the factory was a great reminder as to human and half-ogre mortality. Fight in the first episode made me lean back assured of the characters continued existence, which was a mistake. The seething mass aka magma golem is still a favorite of mine with regards to tough enemies.
    In general I am still impressed with how closely you manage to stay to the source. I suppose part of that is the players actively trying not to break the railroad, but still. Main quest in Arcanum has a couple of points where a sane person who wants to live would just leave.
    (Since the next episode started in the playlist I now have your own words as to what happened, “the roller coaster of almost dying, and slaughtering everything”. Pretty apt.)

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