Crusading Couch news…kinda

Thought I’d see what you’re all interested in, is there something you’d like to see us talk about on The Crusading Couch in the future?
We’re currently looking at diversifying our panel, but I’m more interested in new topics to explore. Something I’d like to do is a GM advice episode…but I’m not sure on how to structure that yet.

We’ve also been looking at doing interviews with game developers (though that is a little beyond as at the moment). I’ve also been thinking about doing a live streamed game, though that is still just an idea.

ALSO: a reminder that when we hit 100 subscribers on WordPress or Sound Cloud, or 100 likes on Facebook; we are going to do a listeners choice actual play.
You, the Listeners, will be able to send us in suggestions for setting, rules systems, themes, what ever. We’ll pick the ones we like most and then have you all vote on which one we’ll play.

Finally, at the moment we are quite small in terms of listeners, but I’d really like to grow our audience. A key part of our strategy for doing that is you, the people reading this. Every time you link to our page, mention us in conversation, or reblog us; you are potentially increasing our reach. If one new person finds us by clicking your link, that is worth it to us. so please share our content.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

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