eCOPse phase: murder at Maddock’s station.

In this new mini campaign/series of one shots, Kim and Will play as Martian rangers, special law enforcement officers that patrol the Martian outback.
This started because we wanted to see how having only 2 players would effect the storytelling dynamic in role playing. Also, any excuse to run more Eclipse Phase.

In this, our first scenario, our rangers, 265balbis77 (Kim) and 265pentagon12 (Wilfred), are given an easy assignment after returning to the job following a leave of absence (for stress reasons). They are sent to provide a little extra security at the week-long founding day festival in Maddock’s station, an event that draws tourists from all over Mars and even offworld. Sadly things get a little complicated for our rangers when someone murders a visitor.

I hope you enjoy this Eclipse Phase game, we had fun playing it. Also, please like, comment, reblog, and especially share our podcasts.

Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.

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