Turning’s Big Bang episode 10: best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray

The final episode of Turnings Big Bang Season 1. Big action and big drama in this episode as the players fight for the future of Turning and conduits.
I hope you all enjoyed this, I know we did. I look forward to revisiting Turning later this year hopefully.

Next Monday we’ll have the first episode of Arcanum Quest up.
This coming weekend we are also recording a new episode of The Crusading Couch and an Eclipse Phase game.

Please share this around, like and comment on our posts (I’d love to hear from you).
Farewell from the past, I’m Raymond.


  1. This was a ride, and I liked that there was no hand-wavy “you didn’t die” for PC death in this campaign. I mean, I’m sure you follow the rules in general, but Wild Talents have the inherent potential for “resurrection sickness” (my name for what tvtropes calls the First Law of Resurrection). I liked the characters, Jaz in denial, Marina punching the security guard in the nuts, Vulcan killing people by standing close to them when they’re throwing grenades. There was a lot of moments in this.
    And the ending! The Shard was like the best Chekov’s Gun I have ever experienced, it felt like literally anything else would have failed, being made of matter. (I guess over-whelming the slow increase by dumping something heavy in it might have worked, putting greater strain on the conduit). Also, Marina is such a badass, with or without an invisible guardian angel.
    I’m a little sad that you for the setting decided to only have one source, but it probably made it more concise. There is always the future, maybe another power giving event happens (or already did, in Switzerland) where the source is all Divine, or all Psionics? Shhh, I can dream.
    Here’s hoping season two happens, and soon…
    I want to see Jaz go full Magneto, offering conduits to join her in the fight against the normies while shapeshifting between a shoggoth and a Sylph morph!

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    1. I’d kind of love to do a second season, it might be in a different system…might not.

      But at the moment, Bec(jaz’s player) lives….else where. Actually she lives pretty close to the fictional location of Turning. ANYWAY perhaps when she moves back here we’ll try and get it going.

      We’ve got a Base Raiders campaign starting soon.

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    2. I actually really enjoyed playing Marina, so far my favourite character that I’ve ever created thus far since entering into the roleplay scene. ^_^ I actually would love to be able to play a second season of Wild Talents with Marina again (or another character, whatever I’m allowed) she absolutely is a total badass and so much fun to be. It was a great challenge trying to be a new super powered being and a mother character!

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