the crusading couch; upcoming episodes

our next episode of the crusading couch is going to be titled: “what makes a good player?” i wanted to give the listeners an opportunity to make suggestions in advance of the recording, hence this post.

well be looking at what makes a good player in the eyes of the GM, as well as the view of another player. players might look for someone that doesn’t hog the spot light, where as a GM might be more concerned about whether his players read the setting material.

another episode coming up in the future will deal with the topic of letting go of campaigns and characters. this will focus on campaigns that drag on needlessly. as well as players that port their characters across editions, campaigns, settings, and genres. we have yet to set a date for when we will record that one but it is on the short list.

the next episode(what makes a good player) will be recorded on the 12th of December, so get your suggestions in before then.

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