a brief explanation of [insert quest here]

this is our first post. I’m just gonna jump right into…oh also, i will use irregular Australian spelling at times. i will make accidental errors in grammar.

i came up with the idea of make a role playing actual play blog after being inspired by Role Playing Public Radio. and so in june(i think) of 2014 i started recording the role playing games i was running. i wanted to share the stories told around the table(although my group very rarely actually gathers round a table). often the stories we weave as players of RPG’s fade into the gloom, summoned back in passing discussions of long over sessions. i know some people have blogged/written journals about their campaigns, i know one player that is trying to convert a campaign they played in into a novel of sorts; which is all great. I on the other hand, am quite lazy. i crave immediate satisfaction. which is why i have chosen this method of recording.

personally i love listening to podcasts while i play a video game or build miniatures. it helps keep me from getting bored or distracted. it also makes my day feel more…efficient? it’s not the right word but it will do. i HATE sleeping i feel like i’m wasting a gigantic chunk of time. in that same vain podcasts are a medium i can enjoy while doing something else, it doesn’t require as much focus as a tv show or book. you can get to a pretty zen like place digging coal in Minecraft while listening to people start revolutions in fantasy china.

something i haven’t yet mention is WHY i started listening to table top actual plays. i fucking LOVE role playing games. not to toot my own horn, but of all my close friends, i’m probably the biggest RPG nerd we have. and we all play RPGs pretty heavily. when i say i’m a big RPG nerd what i mean is i am super passionate about it as a hobby. not just playing the games but understanding the complexity of the storytelling aspect of it, creating complex and interesting characters, building tension, understanding mood. but also like learning about new systems and settings, i’m not keen on rules mastery i dislike mechanical power gaming and rules lawyering. i’ve found the more systems you know, the easier it is to pick up and learn new ones. by far the thing i love most about reading table top rpg books is the setting material. pride myself on my world building in games(and the odd story i’ve written) and i love reading about little community hidden in fictional cities, and the cultures within it speaks to the explorer in me, as well as the historian i suppose.

OH MY i rambled a bit there. SO i wanted to play more games than i could, my friends had fuller calendars than i did, so i started listening to others play, and filled a hole in my day. it allowed me to enjoy role playing in a different way. what I’m hoping(hopping?) to do is entertain you with role playing games. most of our games go for 4 hours, but you don’t have to listen to it all in one sitting.

our first actual play recording should go up later this week, with something being posted every week for as long as we run this site.

farewell from the past, i’m Raymond.


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